University of Washington Investment Management Company

Our mission is to preserve and grow the University’s investments to support UW’s global leadership in research and education.

University of Washington Investment Management Company (UWINCO) is the investment office for the University of Washington, operating as a separate, self-sustaining unit of the University. All investment assets, including the endowment, are managed by UWINCO and held in the University’s name.

The UWINCO team is led by the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) and consists of a group of investment professionals and operational staff.  The CIO and team develop the strategic direction of the portfolio, tactically allocate to attractive opportunities and select investment managers, all within a risk management framework.

The total market value of assets overseen by UWINCO was nearly $6.0 billion as of June 30, 2019, consisting primarily of the $3.6 billion endowment, Consolidated Endowment Fund or CEF, and $2.1 billion of the University’s operating funds, Invested Funds or IF.

The UW Treasury Office is responsible for the accounting and administration of endowment funds, operating funds, life income and non-consolidated endowed funds.

UW Advancement oversees the solicitation and facilitation of gifts, including the establishment of endowment funds.

Supporting the University

During fiscal year 2019, the CEF distributed $130 million to support students, faculty and programs. Over the last 20 years, $1.6 billion has been distributed. The CEF provides a broad range of support both by school and purpose, funding over 1,652 scholarships, 802 fellowships, 317 professorships, 163 faculty chair positions, 256 research endowments and 1,240 academic programs across the University.

Endowments are created to provide a permanent source of funding compared to current use gifts. To that end, UWINCO seeks to grow both the endowment assets and the distributions over time, while also preserving the corpus of the CEF so that the level of program support provided in the future is similar as that provided today.

Please view the fiscal year 2019 web report to learn more about the endowment’s extraordinary long-term impact across the University.

Contact Donor Services if you are interested in learning more about establishing or giving to an existing endowment. We also invite you to make a donation to a UWINCO-sponsored endowment.


The Board of Regents of the University of Washington is vested by statute with responsibility for the management of the properties of the University, including the Consolidated Endowment Fund and the Invested Funds. Investment program oversight resides with the Finance and Asset Management Committee (FAM), a sub-committee of the Board of Regents, with investment advisory support from the UWINCO Board.

In September 2015, the Board of Regents approved the establishment of an internal investment management company, known as the University of Washington Investment Management Company (UWINCO). The UWINCO advisory committee was transitioned to an investment company advisory board (UWINCO Board). As of December 31, 2019, the UWINCO Board is comprised of seven members, with the UW President serving as an ex officio member. Board meetings are held four times per year.

UWINCO Board Members

William Ayer
Kristianne Blake
David Bonderman
Michael Larson (Chair)
Mary Pugh
Blaine Tamaki
Bryan White
Ana Mari Cauce (UW President, ex officio)